Facebook Secrets: Want to See Who Is Monitoring Your Page? [VIDEO]

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Published on Jan 3, 2017

BOOM! Now all the ones that thought they could stalk quietly, are getting Exposed! Make sure to follow the step by step to see who is monitoring your Facebook Page. Note that some can’t be blocked. I would contact FB In response to that. The trolls are now exposed on Youtube as well. Stay tuned for a refined list of the ones that have been hiding like snakes in the grass! It’s On!

First of all, we must tell you there is no way to know for sure who these people are. Also, you may not be able to remove or block every account that monitors your activity, although when I did it on my account, I was able to get rid of most.

Here is what you need to do to block the majority of the accounts that monitor your Facebook:

1. Log into…

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From April 4 2017 only two children will be paid in benefits for in a family unit.

Higher rate of ESA will be removed and brought in line with JSA

18 – 25 year olds will no longer have automatic entitlement to housing benefit.

Then you read this…. fucking disgraceful, sickening and horrendous is not even close to how I feel inside…

Buckingham Palace to undergo ‘critical’ £369 million facelift that will take a decade to complete – Evening Standard


Truth11 Films

TRUTH11 FILMS Truth11.com film production company Truth11 Films produces short films that brings the truth to the masses. Below are 12 of our films to watch and share freely.   Truth11 Films | 12th Film | WARNING: Global Extermination In Full Effect 17mins Music: Set to Opeth: Eternal Rains Will Come, and Moon Above, Sun […]


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Robert Lightband – Dundee

February 2016 Former teacher admits new child abuse images charge A former Dundee history teacher who was sacked in 2002 for possessing child abuse material has admitted a new indecent images charge. Robert Lightband, 69, was dismissed from Menzieshill High School, and his civic role as Dundee’s official organist, for the original offence. The pensioner […]


Why hasn’t he been locked up?

The mysterious death of Terry Wogan


Rantzen and Wogan

BBC presenter Terry Wogan has apparently died of cancer.

How strange.

Less than three months ago he appeared in tip-top health and vowed to the world he would:

continue working for another 10 years



His death comes hot on the heels of another famous BBC DJ, Ed Stewart.

Ed Stewart

Quite coincidentally , one of the first people to come out and praise Terry Wogan was none other than decrepit hag, Esther Rantzen.

What a charmerEsther Rantzen Jimmy Savileesther savile

Rantzen is a key player in the BBC paedophile ring and claims to have known nothing about Jimmy Savile raping thousands of children.

What a fucking liar.

Rantzen loves to hold child-abuse parties at her Blood Oaks Farm property in Hampshire and should be arrested as a matter of urgency.

Blood Oaks Farm

She knew damn well about Savile, make no mistake about that.

And so did Terry Wogan.

Savile and friends

In 2013 he made the following claims:

Veteran TV…

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Our Children Need Action

This is my first blog and who knew it was so complicated!

My reasons for this blog is the need to know what is going on with our henious government and the treatment of our most vurnable members of society, who are being ritually abused in everyway imaginable.  This media cover up has made it impossible to get a true reflection of the horrible things that are going on.  I also want to be able to share findings that I have come over that have left my head spinning at times and with a deep dread in my stomach of fear and distress that I cannot shake off simply cause these people are unstoppable.  I dont know if this will make a difference, however I feel that I have to do something pro-active. So… here I am…