Our Children Need Action

This is my first blog and who knew it was so complicated!

My reasons for this blog is the need to know what is going on with our henious government and the treatment of our most vurnable members of society, who are being ritually abused in everyway imaginable.  This media cover up has made it impossible to get a true reflection of the horrible things that are going on.  I also want to be able to share findings that I have come over that have left my head spinning at times and with a deep dread in my stomach of fear and distress that I cannot shake off simply cause these people are unstoppable.  I dont know if this will make a difference, however I feel that I have to do something pro-active. So… here I am…


One thought on “Our Children Need Action

  1. Christopher C. says:

    Don’t give up, especially not when you are doing something for the greater good.


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